Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What Happened After WWE RAW 1000 Went Off The Air

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                             What Happened After WWE RAW 1000 Went Off The Air

After RAW went off the air, Big Show gets to his feet and goes after John Cena. The Rock and Cena recover and takes down the Big Show. Cena hits Show with an AA, then puts Show into position for a People's Elbow. 
The Rock doesn't have an elbow pad, and Cena gives him a "Cenation" armband to peel off. The Rock then got on the mic and said Cena must be using head bands as arm bands because there is no way anyones arms are that big. Everyone including John Cena started laughing. The Rock then hit the people’s elbow, as John Cena left up the ramp. The Rock thanked the fans.
A lot of fans in attendance were upset that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was not in attendance for tonight’s event. Lots of chants for him.


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